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CD Utils provides a suite of command line utilities to easily backup and restore data to CD or DVD as well as simple, yet powerful burning capabilities for data and audio.

CD Utils is intended for use on Linux, but could probably be used on other unix like operating systems.

CD Utils utilises existing CDR/DVDR burning tools (based on cdrtools) and provides a simple interface, aimed at making the process of burning a CD from the command line easier.

There is also a module available to use CD Utils with SME Server (was e-smith). The module provides a web-based interface to CD Utils via the SME server-manager (I have tested it on SME Server 5.1.2 and 5.5.) This allows you to configure CD Utils, and backup or restore to/from CD. It also provides a way to burn CD's on your server's CDRW from a web interface. (more information)


CD Utils uses mkisofs, cdrecord, and dvdrecord:

You can obtain RPMs from the Redhat distribution - for more specific information refer to the readme.

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